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Defending Black Girlhood

Jun 28, 2020

This week, host Lilada Gee is joined in conversation with her daughter and producer, Alexandra, and creative director, Cassandra (not to mention a 3-year aged bottle of rum).

If the "f-bomb" offends you, brace yourselves and your ears, for a raw and honest conversation during this impromptu girl chat about the current...

Jun 21, 2020

To wrap up conversations with the Wright Middle School community, we speak with former principals, Nancy Evans and Dr. Ed Holmes, who knew Erika throughout her time at Wright. While they reflect on Erika Hill’s quiet presence, they begin to recall moments with Taylin Marie Hill - Erika’s guardian and abuser. 


Jun 14, 2020

As we unravel Erika Hill's story, most of the accounts so far amplify her life in the midst of abuse and neglect. So much so it begs the question, "Was Erika's life always that way?" 

This week we talk with Mr. & Mrs. Davis, former educators & directors of the African American Ethnic Academy (Madison, WI) who met Erika...

Jun 7, 2020

As we piece together the puzzle that was Erika Hill’s life, we find out that more may have been known about her terrible circumstances than originally thought. 

Joining us for this week’s conversation is Laurel Ravelo, Wright Middle School’s counselor, who was a part of a team effort to uncover Erika’s secret....