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Defending Black Girlhood

Aug 30, 2020

While we continue seeking answers to the question, "Could the Black Community Have Saved Erika?," we come into part two with host, Lilada Gee, as she speaks with Marie's former classmate, Catina McAlister. As she processes her experience with Marie Hill and her children during their time in an adult education course,...

Aug 23, 2020

In this three-part exploration of "Could the Black Community Have Saved Erika?", we focus on the ways the Black community missed some key aspects of Erika Hill's abuse.

Part 1 features a short conversation with Anthony McAlister and his experience with the Hill family as he cared for them in a local daycare and Lilada...

Aug 17, 2020

As we continue our conversation about (Taylin) Marie Hill, we are joined by a former friend and church member of hers who provides her perception of Marie in the church. 

In part two of the episode, we have a much needed conversation with three Black pastors - Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, Rev. Dr. Marcus Allen, and the Hon....

Aug 9, 2020

We are near the end of season one of Defending Black Girlhood podcast! With such crazy times, we wanted to take a moment to reflect, shout-out, and prepare for what's to come! 

Tune in to this short episode as we prepare the final episodes of season one!

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We would love...

Aug 3, 2020

Join host, Lilada Gee, and creative director, Cassandra Marzette, in this "Beyond the Conversation" with Minister Wanda Smith as we discuss church, abuse, white supremacy, and opportunities for action.


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